Apple Jam’s Roaming Rallies 2018:

Luxury “Catered Camping” for three days…

NEW for 2018….

Last year’s and this year’s North Cascades Roaming Rally was such a big success, that we’ve decided to add a SECOND Roaming Rally for 2018!! …….Presenting:

“Apple Jam’s South Cascades Roaming Rally” (August 24-26, 2018)
New for 2018 is “Apple Jam’s South Cascades Roaming Rally”.  This similar-format Roaming Rally will start near Big Lake / Sisters at the Ray Benson SnoPark, and continue South on a path that can follow some of the new Southern Cascades Discovery Route tracks (brought to you by ADV inmate 97077!), or ride the pieces and portions of the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route 3 that are still ride-able.  You even get an excuse to ride the great and beautiful McKenzie Hwy 242, one of the best 2-lane paved roads in the state, IMO.

Friday night will bring riders to Little Lave Lake’s group campground just off the great Cascade Lakes Hwy.  Bend Country Catering Company will pamper us this Friday night with BBQ’d Tri-tip and Chicken Combo dinner, with potato salad, baked beans, green salad, garlic cheese bread and Bend’s BEST salsa!  For breakfast they’ll bring us a classic egg, cheddar cheese and tomato breakfast with BACON!

Then we’ll all ride hard (or not!) all day Saturday and reach the Broken Arrow group sites on the South shore of Diamond Lake on Saturday night.  The Diamond Lake Resort will feed us dinner of the rider’s choosing in their BBQ/Pizza Restaurant that is only a half mile from camp.  Breakfast will be in the same place, they will open early just for all of us to eat a killer breakfast.  The main point of this all…:   Ride wherever/whatever you want,…just make sure get to camp by 6 PM each evening for a GREAT dinner and a BIG campfire :-).  Unlike our North Cascades Roaming Rally, on our South Cascades Roaming Rally you’ll get 2 sack LUNCHES to take with you Friday and Saturday, along with three big catered breakfasts and three very nice dinners, all the smiles you can handle,…and Thursday, Friday and Saturday night’s camping included with your entry fee.  What are you waiting for? Come and RIDE OREGON FIRST with us.



The Roaming Rally RIDE….

Apple Jam’s Roaming Rallies for 2018 are both prepaid dual-sport motorcycle rider’s Catered Camping Events.  These are not Tours, so you’ll get to ride where/how and as slow or just as fast as you want, then you’ll get to camp and feast with me for three days and two nights. You may camp Thursday night at optional CG cost or start riding Friday morning at 10 AM. We will provide lots of coffee and a great breakfast for everyone before Friday’s departure…so get there early; you will need the calories. Then we will all go roaring somewhere through the forest to great designated campspots along the way. How you get to camp each night is up to you…..Do the CDR, do the OBDR, or take one of many, many, other good and great BAD roads to reach our evening camping destinations.

Also included with your entry fee is cartage of all your normal camping gear and a standard fold-up camp chair to each night’s camping destination.  This will allow riders to pack some extra luxuries that you don’t really wanna carry on your bikes while you ride hard.  All riders should always ride with all their own overnight emergency stuff (just in case shit happens!), along with the normal list of other safety stuff, and of course all the basic repair necessities like tubes and tools.  We not gonna babysitcha, we wanna have fun too!

Roaming Rally Camping….

Apple Jam’s Roaming Rallies for 2018 provides luxury camping outfitting services, and all the hot good food, fresh drinking water, and plenty of firewood and camping with new riding friends will be provided with your entry fee. Thursday night, and Friday & Saturday’s beautiful lake-front group camping costs are also covered.  If ya wanna BYOB, we’ll be happy to help you keep it cold in our big coolers and also provide all the ice for y’all to share.  We’ll even buy all the ice forya. It’s the fun camping and great food you’re paying for, not the ride (insurance bs), so download all the tracks you wanna use before you get to the event site. We will be providing no directions except the location of each night’s camp…….Ride Your Own Ride.

Roaming Rally Rider Requirements

Riders should sport a current OHV Sticker on their bikes and carry an OHV/ATV Safety Card as required in Oregon at OHV areas. The CDR route passes through several OHV areas. These areas will have go-arounds that you can self-navigate around if you refuse to get an OHV Pass for your bike, but it’s only $10.50 from any Moto shop so don’t be cheap: that money builds trails that we all get to ride!

Riders shall ride in TEAMS. Minimum two riders is generally the fastest, three is a great size (and most fun?).  Four rider teams are fine too, but start to slow down a bit. Five or six riders are already too big of a team, IMO, and they usually get in the way of the smaller teams. Worse yet, the larger teams tend to lose track of team riders….which really sucks for everybody on that big team.   All riders should be well prepared and carry all their own safety, emergency, and mechanical gear to make themselves self-sufficient, even riding with a team.  All riders shall wear all the appropriate-for-falling-down riding gear that will keep them safe in crashes that can happen. Teams will all be responsible for each other, and teams will leave no rider behind, as this is the ADVRider way. This will be our only requirement: to have riding partners when riders leave each day.  It will be very easy to get partnered up if you come by yourself, especially for all the Thursday camping arrivals around the campfire. Mix and match team members, change the teams along the way, whatever.  Just stick together with somebody. Trust me, most of these folks are just like you,…and you will get along with ALL of them.

Roaming Rally Costs

Apple Jam’s Roaming Rallies 2018 will be again limited to 50 riders for each event to keep your Roaming Rally experience the best possible.  Refunds will be accepted until 30 days before each event for any scheduling conflicts.  These 2018 Roaming Rallies will happen, rain or shine, on the dates scheduled.


Apple Jam’s South Cascades Roaming Rally (August 24-26, 2018): $225 per person (50 riders max), with included camping for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and a place to park your rig all weekend for the duration of the Roaming Rally through Sunday evening.

Entrants MUST IDENTIFY themselves well in the PayPal “notes” section. We still need more riders for AJ’s new South Cascades RR. …you had better get that time off quick before we fill up!!

$225 - Apple Jam's South Cascades Roaming Rally (NEW locations between Big
Lake and Crater Lake)


Already done for 2018, and already saving campspots for 2019….

“Apple Jam’s North Cascades Roaming Rally” (July 27-29, 2018), is our premier 3 day/2 night Dual Sport Motorcycle Roaming Rally that travels along the general path of the Cascade Discovery Route’s original Northern Oregon Cascades section, from Hood River’s Pinemont OHV to Big Lake OHV (near Sisters).

For AJ’s North Cascades Roaming Rally, the optional Thursday night’s camping and Friday morning’s 9 AM take-off point will again be at Parkdale’s Red Barn Park, the Mt Hood Railroad tourist train’s downtown Parkdale Depot.  That’s right, we’re camping in “downtown” Parkdale, Oregon!  Parkdale is an unincorporated tiny General Store / One Bar town and it gets pretty quiet here at night under the stars. Quiet, unless you wanna close out that one bar, the Solera Brewpub.  Don’t worry, you can stumble to your tent from there.

All riders will take off for the Cascades on Friday morning after your included breakfast & coffee from Parkdale’s newest restaurant, the Blue Canoe.  The Blue Canoe will also have a sack lunches available to purchase Friday morning and anything else you need for your Friday’s lunch you can get at McIsacc’s big General Store (with a great beer and cider selection).  Regular gas is available across the street, and ethanol-free high-octane gas is available about 3 country-road miles away.

Bear Springs day-use shelter

Friday night’s camp will bring riders to Bear Springs Forest Campground and big day use area, where we’ll chow on a fantastic BBQ whole Roast Pig Dinner and a Big Bacon Breakfast by “DanDan Kitchen Man”.  All the camping basics are here with potable fresh Bear Springs water, cement vault FS toilets and even a small creek at the included day-use area.  Bear Springs Group CG is adjacent to the McCubbins Gulch OHV Area and just North of the Warm Springs Reservation.

For Saturday night’s camp, riders will all Rally to the (smaller-than-Parkdale!) tiny community of “New Idanha”, Oregon, where we’ll camp on the edge of the Santiam River and enjoy another great big meaty pork and chicken catered dinner and the BIGGEST bacon breakfast burrito you’ve ever seen! … Detroit local and motorcycle-themed Korner Post Restaurant.  We’ll have all the things we need here: potable water, showers, device charging stations, flush toilets and additional porta pots for Saturday night and Sunday morning’s riverside campsite at the Idanha River Mountain RV Park, 3 miles South of Detroit, Oregon.


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Thanks for your support, riders,…we’re gonna have a BLAST!!!!!