What’s an Outfitter Service?

Hunters already know what I’m talking about.  We’re doing very similar things for folks who ride Street Legal, Dual Sport All Terrain Motorcycles.

They don’t have Hotels & Motels where we want to go, so Apple Jam’s Roaming Rallies offers high quality catered camping, heavy gear schlepping, big campfires and new friends on all our Roaming Rallies….at beautiful places you want to camp each night.

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What’s included with my Roaming Rally Registration?

Great Food.  Apple Jam’s Roaming Rallies are both three-day / two-night events.  Two nice catered dinners (Fri-Sat) and three hot breakfasts and coffee (Fri-Sat-Sun) will be served to all riders.  The new South Cascades Roaming Rally will also include dinner Thursday night, and sack lunches for both Friday and Saturday for riders to take with them on their day’s ride.  Food will be provided by professional cooks with successful catering businesses.  This is a professional event and you will be fed VERY WELL.

DanDan Kitchen Man and the whole hog

Schlepping Service. We’ll haul all of your normal camping gear in big bins or bags and your favorite campchair for each rider in our truck.

We will also haul LOTS of fresh water and coolers full of ice to fill with whatever kinda whatever drinks you all want to buy and fill them with.  We’ll haul ’em and buy all the ice forya.

Camping is included with all of us (Thursday also for the South Cascades Rally) Friday & Saturday nights around a big campfire (all the firewood we wanna burn is also provided).   Riders may also ride in early Friday morning before the event begins.  Truck & trailer parking for the entire weekend will be provided for both Roaming Rally events.  Even large RVs and motorhomes will be fine on the South Cascades Roaming Rally.

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Only the location of each night’s camp will be provided with your entry, no directions nor any routes will be provided for you at this event.  How you decide to get to camp each night will be up to you and your team.  You must be prepared with route suggestions, gps tracks, and/or maps BEFORE you arrive.

What do riders eat for lunch each day?

Riders on the new South Roaming Rallies will be fed a sack lunch to eat on the trail, Sunday’s lunch will be up to the individual riders.

Will we have Sweep Riders?

No.  Your success and safety will be up to each individual and your TEAM members and your level of preparation.  ALL riders will travel with at least one riding partner for safety.  It is all riders’ TEAM responsibility to get all your team members to camp each night on time and help each other through everything and anything that you encounter as a group.  Just like real life, eh?


How much does a Roaming Rally entry cost?

General registration for our 2018 Roaming Rallies is on our 2018 Roaming Rallies Page

Apple Jam’s North Cascades Roaming Rally (July 27-29, 2018): $200 per person (50 riders max), with optional camping for Thursday night at $5 for ride-ins with tent, or $40 per truck/trailer that will include two riders camping Thursday and a place to park your rig all weekend for the duration of the Roaming Rally through Sunday evening.

Apple Jam’s South Cascades Roaming Rally (August 24-26, 2018): $225 per person (50 riders max), includes all camping costs for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and a place to park your rig all weekend for the duration of the Roaming Rally through Sunday evening.

What’s the refund policy?

Event refunds for scheduling conflicts will be accepted through 30 days before each event.  Apple Jam Outfitters will accept no refunds after 30 days before each event.  There will be no refunds for bad weather: this will be a “Rain or Shine” event.

 OK, then,…

How do I register for Apple Jam’s Roaming Rally?

General registration for our 2018 Roaming Rallies is on our 2018 Roaming Rallies Page

When we reach 50 riders per event, all entry will be CLOSED.