Roaming Rally Description

EDIT 2-16-17:  Apple Jam’s Roaming Rally 2017 (July 28-30, 2017) is now full at 50 riders maximum.
Thanks for your support, riders!

Final info and schedule of events for the 2017 Apple Jam’s Roaming Rally can be viewed at the following google drive link….


This is something I’ve been pondering for years, and this year I’m gonna do this up right.
This will be a pay event, that includes catered meals (two dinners, two breakfasts) and a limited 50 liter per person space in the pack truck for some of your extra camping luxuries that are too much to pack on your bike. Riders will need to carry your basic overnight bag (tent can go on the chase truck), a list of safety stuff, and basic repair necessities like tubes and tools. We’re not gonna babysitcha, we wanna have fun too!

Roaming Rally Ride

You’ll get to ride where/how you want, and you’ll get to camp and feast with me for three days and two nights. You may camp Thursday and Sunday nights at optional CG cost or start riding Friday morning at 10 AM. Please eat a big breakfast before Friday’s departure…you will need the calories. We will all go roaring somewhere through the forest, to designated private campspots along the way. How you get to camp each night is up to you…..Do the CDR, or take one of many, many, other good and bad roads to reach our evening camping destinations.

Roaming Rally Camping

This Roaming Rally will be luxury glamping just a bit, as all the hot good food (2 breakfasts Sat/Sun and 2 dinners Fri/Sat), water, music, campsite and Firewood will be provided with your entry fee. BYOB, we’ll help you keep it cold. And of course Fri/Sat camping costs will also be covered. We may/may not include lunches (at our descretion), based on other costs. It’s the camping and food you’re paying for, not the ride (insurance bs), so download any tracks you wanna use before you get to the event site. We will be providing no directions except the location of each night’s camp. Ride Your Own Ride.

Roaming Rally Rider Requirements

Riders will need a current OHV Sticker on their bikes and carry an OHV/ATV Safety Card as required in Oregon at OHV areas. The CDR route passes through two OHV areas. These areas have easy go-arounds. Riders WILL ride in teams. Minimum two (fastest), 3 is great (most fun?), or 4 riders teams are fine, but start to slow down a lot. 5-6 riders is too big and usually get in the way of the smaller teams. And larger teams tend to lose riders….which sucks for everybody. Teams will be responsible for each other, and will leave no rider behind, as this is the ADV way. This will be a requirement to have riding partners when riders leave each day, and it will be very easy to get partnered up, especially for Thursday arrivals. Mix and match, change the teams, whatever,…just stick together. Trust me, most of these folks are just like you.

Our Roaming Rally Story

This is the first year of this to-be-annual-event, at very limited costs to you to help us with our trial run (tips will be welcomed). We do see this as a money making opportunity for the future, so we wanna build it’s reputation correctly and carefully. The price will be higher next year; it will likely double, as we will then expect to make a profit for our efforts. It will likely still be limited to 50 people, with past attendees given first shot at the next year’s limited spots.

Roaming Rally Costs

Apple Jam’s Roaming Rally 2017 is now full at 50 riders maximum.

Thanks for your support, riders!