Punkin at Big Lake

Apple Jam’s Roaming Rallies 2018

This year Apple Jam Outfitters will bring motorcycle adventurers TWO “Apple Jam’s Roaming Rallies” for 2018.   Again we will ride for 3 days and 2 nights along the basic path of the Cascade Discovery Route, but now along with our original “Apple Jam’s North Cascades Roaming Rally” we will add a NEW “Apple Jam’s SOUTH Cascades Roaming Rally”.  With two catered dinners and three breakfasts included with each entry, AJ’s Roaming Rallies provide a great way to travel light with more camping fun.

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Punkin on the Dog River Aquaduct Trail

Cascade Discovery Route

Developed for the fun of riding and camping, the North end of the Cascade Discovery Route is a 300+ mile long (more than 95% is unpaved) Dual Sport Motorcycle Route made up of many good, bad and ugly old roads & trails, starting near Hood River and ending at Big Lake, Oregon.  New for 2018 is the Southern Cascades Discovery Route that leaves Big Lake for Crater Lake on some more great Wilderness-edge bad roads, brought to you by ADVRider inmate 97707.

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Bennett Pass Road and Mt Hood
Bennett Pass Road and Mt Hood

Ride Oregon First

The main goal of this ‘Ride Oregon First’ website is to promote Dual Sport Motorcycling in the ADV way.  The secondary goal is to have some great fun with Apple Jam Outfitters.  Riders of all ages, wether on big bikes, little bikes, dirt bikes, or ADV bikes mostly share this common goal:  to “Ride the World”.  Butcha gotta start somewhere, so I’m starting with OREGON.

What are you waiting for?     …Let’s Ride Oregon First!!!!!


Please take some time and visit these GREAT local moto-vendors that offer great products and proper advice when you need it.  They are all ADV, and they have already earned your business !!!

Last year, Darryl at Cyclops Adventure Sports gave our Roaming Rally TWO brand new TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), and we gave them to two deserving Roaming Rally riders.

Boots, helmets, and all the battle gear you’ll need, with a quick click, or a phonecall away.  I just bought a new pair of SIDI Crossfire3 from Atomic Moto, based on Brian’s personal recommendation.


Pete and Andrew @ Mosko Moto, are local to White Salmon, WA. and are taking adventure moto-luggage to new levels.  Soft luggage for hard travel, indeed, with stuff for big bikes to dirt bikes.

Alex and Heather @ Konflict have got my business for suspension service, I seem to wear it out often 🙂  It doesn’t get much better than Konflict Motorsports for all your suspension needs.

You know Harold and the crew, they’re the ones that started offering the most rugged luggage solutions for adventure 10 years ago.  Still the most copied, but the original keeps getting better.