Final info and schedule of events for the 2017 Apple Jam’s Roaming Rally can be viewed at the following google drive link….

Punkin at Big Lake

Apple Jam’s Roaming Rally 2017

This year’s ‘Apple Jam’s Roaming Rally’ rides for 3 days and 2 nights along the basic path of the Cascade Discovery Route.  With two catered dinners and two breakfasts included with your entry, this is a great way to travel lighter with more camping fun.

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Punkin on the Dog River Aquaduct Trail

Cascade Discovery Route

Developed for the fun of riding and camping, the Cascade Discovery Route is a 300+ mile long 95% unpaved Dual Sport Motorcycle Route made up of many good, bad and ugly old roads and trails, starting near Hood River and ending at Big Lake, Oregon.

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Bennett Pass Road and Mt Hood
Bennett Pass Road and Mt Hood

Ride Oregon First

The main goal of this ‘Ride Oregon First’ website is to promote Dual Sport Motorcycling in the ADV way.  Riders of all ages on big bikes, little bikes, dirt bikes and ADV bikes all share a similar common goal, to “Ride the World”.

Butcha gotta start somewhere, so I’m starting with OREGON.

What are you waiting for?     …Let’s Ride Oregon First!!!!!